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Penrose Camp Site is sited just back from the coast and you can see Mounts Bay in the distance. The right photo is taken from one of the fields at Penrose farm showing the coastal path in the distance.



Loe Pool is the largest fresh water lake in Cornwall and you can walk down into the Penrose Estate and enjoy the walks and cycle paths. You will often find cattle grazing in front of the Penrose House.

Loe Bar
Loe Pool - largest fresh water lake in Cornwall
The Loe Bar. This great barrier of sand and flint has been formed over centuries by the winter gales and fierce under currents piling it up at the mouth of the Cober estuary. The lake in the fore-ground is fresh water and forms the biggest stretch of natural fresh water in Cornwall.
setting sun over the camp site

Camp site at dusk with the sea in the background and the setting sun